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Lethbridge, Alberta. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Achieving Balance and Health with Ancient Chinese Medicine 


   Dr. Sara completed 4 years of school at CITCM in Calgary. Receiving a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as becoming a Registered Acupuncturist. 

   Graduating as Valedictorian, and completing an internship at a Hospital in MianYang, Sichuan Province of China. 

   Previous to Chinese Medicine, Dr. Sara has been practising Reiki and Meditation for over 10 years. 


     Now a Reiki Master and Teacher, with a desire to share healing tools you can use at home! 

Meet Dr.Sara

My Specializations


If you are are affected by an ailment not listed here, please still do contact me. I always try my best and do the utmost research into the best possible treatment.  The Beauty of Chinese Medicine, is that there is not just one path to healing. There are many options and avenues to take on the path to Healing and Wellness! 

Musculoskeletal Pain

Women’s Health

Digestion Disorders

Stress & Tension

Sleep Disorders

Anxiety & Depression

What Patients Say

       "Acupuncture! What can I say, I was a sceptic  about this form of treatment. After speaking with Sara i decided to give acupuncture a try! I have worked with the elderly for 26 yrs and with that I have lower back pain and  shoulder pain. The first time I met with Sara she asked me a series of questions to help her get to know me and where my pain was the worst!

         She  went through each step of  what her plan was to help alleviate my pain. I can honestly say the thought of having needles put into my body was a bit scary, but Sara explained that there are different size needles for different problems.

  After the first needle was put in, I hardly felt it! Sara carried on and before I knew it she was done and all I had to do was relax! Sara also then did a Reiki session on me and I can honestly and truly say it was the best experience of my life!!"

Marie-anne Chevrefils


     Yang ascends to Heaven; Yin descends to Earth.

 Hence the universe (Heaven and Earth) represents motion and rest, controlled by the wisdom of nature.

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