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Meet the Team 

Bobbi Farrell

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Bobbi Farrell is a Reiki Master Teacher, Lifestyle Prescription Health Coach®, Compassionate Inquiry Counselor, and Child and Youth Care worker. Bobbi has been practicing Reiki for over 10 years. She has healed herself from crippling anxiety and panic attacks. Bobbi added Thermography to her practice in 2018 to deepen the connection to Self and the science of healing the mind, body, and spirit. She can guide you through the process of healing.

Heather McCuaig


Heather McCuaig was introduced to Reiki by her grandmother when she was a young child in the early 1980’s. Even at an early age, Reiki brought Heather comfort. As she has since departed, Heather felt a renewed connection with her Grandmother, calling her back to this modality.


Heather has practiced law for 17 years primarily in the area of Family law and Litigation. She was drawn to Law out of a deep sense of justice and a desire to help others through their most challenging times. Her desire is to continue helping others as a Reiki Healer. In her words, "the similarities with Reiki and the practice of Law are fundamentally the same for me. Balancing the scales of Justice and balancing mind, body, spirit can both create harmony through trying times".


A few years ago, Heather faced some significant and very unexpected medical issues. She lost her mobility and the pace of her life drastically changed. She was unable to work as she had suffered with chronic pain and the dark isolation that comes with it. Through surgeries, Heather regained her mobility, however her spirit was still broken. Western medicine had left her at a complete loss. She felt called back to Reiki at her darkest moment and commenced a journey of soul retrieval and healing.


Heather is a political and music junkie. She enjoys gardening and fly fishing.



Joanne Bean

Joanne Bean has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) since 1991. She has 15 years experience as senior therapist and trainer in one of Canada's most prestigious spas. Joanne has studied a variety of energy related healing modalities since 1994, including: Polarity, Tibetan Energy Massage, Reiki, Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral, Somato Emotional Release, Post traumatic Stress Syndrome, Myofascial Therapy and Traditional Native Healing. 

Her work as a spiritual healer includes clearing negative energy for the body, the home and business premises. Joanne offers her clientele a selection of therapies both physical and spiritual to help them co-create a holistic approach to their unique life challenges.

Traditional Native Healing Circle with prayer, song and intentional support, let go of trauma and distress in a group setting.

Energy Healing
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