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Universal Life Force Energy. 

*Now teaching Reiki classes

Reiki was rediscovered in the late 1800s in Japan.

All of life contains energy. When we ground into our bodies and breathe, we become aware that we are living in harmony with nature. Mother Earth is Abundant and provides all that we need. So many are disconnected from themselves, and the Earth we call home. We fight for energy and power, when there is no need. There is an infinite source of energy all around us. Reiki brings us back into our bodies, connects us back to our true selves. Self awareness allows us to communicate with our bodies and the World around us. Reconnect, Release, Empower. You hold the key.

"Ki" is "Qi"= Energy

When our energy is balanced and aligned, our body and mind work in harmony. 

"Ki" or "Qi" energy is important to health. When our Qi is deficient, we can have low energy, poor digestion, and unstable mood. When our Qi is blocked, we can feel pain and disharmony. If our energy is open and flowing, we feel connected and centred. 

Reiki can help destress, reconnect, and help us find the answers we have been seeking. 

In the calm silence we can feel energy within and all around. Life is full of distractions and addictions. It's time we start living in the NOW.

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